Mike Amor is one of Australia’s most experienced TV correspondents and is currently

U.S. Bureau Chief for Seven Network Australia based in Los  Angeles.

Mike was recently named Broadcast Journalist of the Year at the Southern Californian Journalism Awards for the second consecutive year. “Compelling storytelling – very emotional! All stories were interesting to the viewer. Great natural sounds, writing and editing. Two thumbs up on each story,” judges said. Mike also won awards for best International Personality Profile and International News. He was a finalist in seven categories. 

Mike’s work on the documentary “In Cold Blood – the Chris Lane Story” recently won two golds and a silver at the New York International Film and TV awards. 

In 2016 Mike won six Southern Californian Journalism awards. “With his ability to tackle a wide range of topics – whether a portrayal of the environmental impact of the Salton Sea or an engaging profile of entertainer Tracy Chapman – the Australian journalist Mike Amor can be lauded for jobs well done. His writings, coupled with outstanding photography and editing, easily earns him the Television Journalist of the Year Award,” judges said.

Mike also took home his third prestigious Edward R Murrow award for use of video on a feature on California’s Salton Sea.

In 2015, Mike took home two So Cal  Awards for feature reporting, the National Entertainment Award for breaking news, as well as the Edward R Murrow regional award for writing.

In 2011 he received the Edward R Murrow National Network  Breaking News award for his moving report of the rescue of a toddler after the Haiti earthquake.
Mike’s work has been nominated for two Australian Logies. He has also won two Quill Awards from the Melbourne Press Club.

In a career spanning 30 years, Mike has covered many of the biggest stories in the world from Belgrade to Beijing and everywhere in between.

He was on the ground in New York during the September 11 attacks. Covered the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015. Helped rescue Australian tourists trapped in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Mike has led Seven’s coverage for five US elections, including Barack Obama’s historic win in 2008.

He’s also an experienced war correspondent having covered the Libyan rebellion, the Gaza war and two Fijian coups.

Among other major stories: the Norway massacre, Colorado cinema shooting, Sandy Hook school tragedy, Virginia Tech massacre, the death of Pope John Paul II, the Italian earthquake, the death of Michael Jackson, the handover of Hong Kong to China and the United Nations debate in the lead up to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

It hasn’t all been serious though, Mike has also seen four shuttle take offs (including the final mission), numerous Oscar red carpets and has been to five Olympic games, two World Cups, three Super Bowls and the NBA finals.

Award winning investigation: In Cold Blood – the Christopher Lane story.

A quick look at Mike’s career so far:

Mike’s recent work:



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  1. Merryl Hughes says:

    Well done Mike, you are our favourite journalist and we have enjoyed following your career over the years and we wish you every success. Look forward to seeing more of you of you.

  2. Rane Reguson says:

    Fabulous website Mike! You are a great Journalist!

  3. brad says:

    go mike congrats on the website shood of done it sooner p.s. wen you coming back to bendigo

  4. gailgray123 says:

    You have worked hard over many years and deserve all your achievements. Well done Mike !

  5. Helen Meager says:

    Hi Mike, a great site, Uncle Ken and I and your cousins are very proud of you (we always have been)

  6. Judy Edwards says:

    Your site gets better and better..as it is next to impossible to find your reports on Seven web site it is great to be able to follow you and your great reports on this site.

  7. Paul Olson says:

    I enjoyed having ride along on the buggy. WTF INC. will always remember you. Thanks Mike, From Paul and Bruce.

  8. Olive says:

    You are handsome & clever! The read deal…

  9. Olive says:

    Oops! I meant “the real deal”!

  10. Evan Clarry says:

    Hey Mike, Evan here from the old Traralgon days. Just saw you in an hilarious bit of GLV8 video gaggery. A facebook page has been set up where old memories and videos are being posted. You should take a look. Drop us a line. I’d love to exchange some news. Talk soon.

  11. Evan Clarry says:

    Oh yes. I think you’re handsome and clever too.

  12. Gwendoline Blake says:

    I love to see your face yet again on a news story from somewhere in the world, and you always have that certain presence that makes you stand out as a presenter. I think it looks like you are going to be my only ‘claim to fame’ in life – I taught you some French in Ballarat. You were thinking of working there perhaps (at that time you were with BTV6). Best wishes. Bonne continuation (= Keep up the good work…) Gwendoline Blake

    You have certainly lived up to the words of that song since I saw you last ” JOHNNY CASH LYRICS
    I’ve been everywhere, man. / Crossed the desert’s bare, man. / I’ve breathed the mountain air, man. / Of travel I’ve had my share, man. / I’ve been everywhere.

    • MIKE AMOR says:

      Hi Gwendoline, wow that was a long time ago, unfortunately you’re great lessons have helped me very little.
      You’re timing is great because as it happens I’m on a similar trip to the one we were embarking on back then – only with wife and 5 year old. Au revoir Mike

      • Gwendoline Blake says:

        Thanks for your reply Mike. You have become so famous that I didn’t expect one! It’s very exciting to me to see your career skyrocket the way it has. The French thing was a disappointment I guess. Delighted to hear about your wife and child. I presume this means that you are in France or en route. Have a great time. Loved your coverage of baby George. We were in Bendigo a few weeks ago for the ballet eisteddfod where my older granddaughter ( 8 years) was competing. (Little has changed) Meilleurs voeux. Best wishes. Gwendoline in Ballarat.

  13. Gwendoline Blake says:

    I wonder how your trip to France went. Have you seen the DVD s made by Rick Stein where he travels the canals of France on a barge and stops off at various villages in certain regions to give examples of the cuisine the region is famous for? They are hugely popular in Australia – we watch an episode or two on ‘party night’ at the end of each term. The scenery is stunning and the cuisine is fascinating. I can just imagine you doing something similar, if ever you had the time and inclination. Your French pronunciation would be better than Rick’s (who makes no concession whatsoever to the French language) and your look would be more appealing too. Regards from Gwendoline…. in Ballarat.

    • MIKE AMOR says:

      Hi Gwendoline, I haven’t seen that DVD but sounds fascinating. Might have to wait until my 5 year old boy is older before trying it.
      Currently in Brazil. My Portuguese is worse than my French!
      Cheers Mike

  14. Judy Edwards says:

    Why are we not seeing any more postings to you site or blog or whatever..miss seeing them and knowing what is going on ..Please start posting again..Judy Edwards

  15. Keith Fisher says:

    Saw the skateboard hit your head. Get well soon mate from one of your fans here in oz. Plenty of panadol and crown lagers bud. !! Love your work. Gr8 journo!!

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