My story of the day

Forgive the self indulgence but forget the Conrad Murray trial, the biggest story of the day in my house involves my boy Addison.

Anyone with young children will understand the importance. After three years Addison finally went number two on the toilet.
Yes he is now a big boy.
It came after hours of encouragement with Mum and Dad waiting outside the toilet door and occasionally inside.
He was promised a poop party, a life time supply of M&Ms, a trip to Chucky cheese (something we desperately tried to avoid)
Finally it was the promise of his first skateboard – plus the fact that we refused to buy more diapers/nappies – that did the trick.

Here’s Addison enjoying the fruits of his, errr, labor (and no this won’t be on Seven News tonight)


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One Response to My story of the day

  1. gail gray says:

    Well done Addison ! You’ve earnt your skateboard

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