It’s a glamorous gig

Woke up in San Jose way too early yeateday at 3.30am after covering I phone launch.
Flew back to LA and rushed straight into our bureau for a live cross. Spent the day working on the tragic helicopter crash in New York only to do a complete 180 when the awful news came through of Steve Jobs’s death.
Live cross to morning news and then race back to the airport to fly back to San Jose.
Recorded a voice over from the terminal then jump on to a plane that was delayed an hour and a half.
We touched down at San Jose at 11.32 pm – we had to be live to our 6pm Sydney news at Midnight!
My cameraman John Varga and I had to sprint through the terminal (leaving our luggage circling the carousel) – jump into the car and amazingly arrive at Apple headquarters with ten minutes to spare! Hopefully it wasn’t obvious?

After our live hits we jumped back into the car to try to retrieve our gear only to find the airport closed.
Finally arrived at the hotel after 1am for a few hours sleep before catching a 7am flight back to LA.

Hectic, yes. Glamorous, probably not.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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