Steve Jobs legacy

Has there been anyone who has influenced the world more in the past few decades than Steve Jobs?
We’re now hearing him compared to Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

But Jobs didn’t just change the face of computers, of the music industry and now publishing – he made computers accessible for those of us who aren’t computer geeks.

My three year old son can operate one (although my father still can’t).

Apart from the great personal loss for his family, what great technology will the world not see now that his vision has gone.

He was after all just 56.

Jobs knew he was dying and obviously would have put Apple on the path forward knowing he wouldn’t be there.

It’s hard to replace a genius.

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One Response to Steve Jobs legacy

  1. Kristin Prescott says:

    Well said Mike! You have always had such a great way with words. My mum works for Apple and can’t speak highly enough of him. I hope you are well.


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