Murray trial almost finished

The final witness in Conrad Murray’s trial for the manslaughter of Michael Jackson could finish giving evidence tomorrow.

It could be over early next week.

That witness Dr Paul White is considered the father of Propofol – the drug that killed the popstar. He literally wrote the book.

He claims the amount Murray gave Jackson couldn’t have killed him. The Defence is painting the singer as a secret drug addict.

There’s no doubt the case against Murray is strong. No doubt in my mind he’s guilty.

But I’m sticking with my earlier prediction Murray will walk. It just takes one jury to swallow the Defence’s argument.

And after all this is the country where Casey Anthony, OJ Simpson and even Jackson himself received surprise verdicts.

I’ll be live outside the court tomorrow on Sunrise.

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One Response to Murray trial almost finished

  1. Judy Edwards says:

    Hope you are wrong and they find him guilty…Wihe he had been charged with a more serious crime…No matter what. …he will always be known as the man that killed Michael Jackson..

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