Freezing Iowa

First of all, unlike four years ago, it’s not snowing in Iowa but it’s cold enough that it should be.

Tried to do a piece to camera today and I think my lips were frozen.

But I think the icy winds of Iowa might be blowing the backs of Republicans unless they can get their act together.

Ron Paul is challenging Mitt Romney here but there is no way the Texas congressman will be the nominee.

Remember Mike Huckabee won here four years ago and is now a Fox News host!

We spent the day with Rick Santorum who is making a late challenge.

Not sure the eventual challenger to Obama will emerge here but plenty of losers will.

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One Response to Freezing Iowa

  1. judy edwards says:

    Love your last line about lots of loosers:-) It was 80 in AZ and close to the same in CA today..Enjoy the cold and keep those lips warm..

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