Mitt’s mis-hits

Just when it appeared Mitt Romney was running away with the Republican presidential nomination he has handed his opponents a gift.

Revelations that he paid up to 15 per cent on his yearly earnings (he won’t reveal how much yet), at a time when Democrats are pushing for higher rates on millionaires, is a potential disaster for his campaign.

When asked today how much he made on speaking engagements last year, he replied “not much I only made 374,000”.

That alone (he’s reportedly worth 250 million) would put him in the top one per cent of wage earners in America. According to the NY Times, that’s 40,000 per speaking engagement, more than the average American.

Added to that, claims by ABC America that he has money in off shore tax havens.

I applaud people making money but please pay your share in tax.

No wonder polls show Romney is now losing ground in South Carolina this weekend.

This, as they say here, could be a “game changer”.

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