Courage under fire

Just met some remarkably brave men at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Aussie SAS soldier Ben Roberts-Smith visited the blackhawk pilot and crew who dropped him into Afghanistan on the mission he would be awarded his Victoria Cross.

A lot has deservedly been said about his bravery that day.

But that only followed the courage shown by the American airmen who dropped him and the other troopers in under withering fire.

One pilot had the floor underneath him shot out and three of the four choppers were so badly shot up they were grounded after the mission.

Here’s a photo of myself, Ben and cameraman John Varga. By the way I’m six foot but look tiny next to this man mountain, who is like a real life James Bond!


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One Response to Courage under fire

  1. judy edwards says:

    Great photo Mike..glad you were able to meet such a hero.

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