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Whitney’s death

Sadly no surprise in the cause of Whitney Houston’s death. LA coroner says autopsy showed “acute” cocaine use and heart disease contributed to her drowning. They also found traces of prescription drugs and marijuana. Question is: if Whitney took cocaine … Continue reading

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As much as things change some things stay the same

Can’t get the story of 17 year old Trayvon Martin out of my head. Shot dead while walking back to his home from a corner store after buying lollies and a can of drink. Local neighborhood watch volunteer, who was … Continue reading

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What do hundred of thousands of Monarch butterflies look like?

We recently returned from the mountains of central Mexico where hundreds of millions of Monarch butterflies fly 4000 kilometres from Canada and eastern US to breed. Standing in a paddock surrounded by hundreds of thousands of butterflies is quite a … Continue reading

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Who’s really to blame?

As deplorable as the shooting of 16 Afghans – including nine children – by a US soldier, it raises a bigger question of who really is to blame? Much more will be revealed but can’t help but wonder whether this … Continue reading

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Tough Mudder story now posted

Last post on Tough Mudder I promise but for those who missed it, couldn’t see it or can’t enough of my man boobs my story is now my website:

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Tough mudder

Not sure it shows me at my finest but watch my tough mudder story tonight and tomorrow on Sunrise. Toughest event on the planet coming to Australia this month. I dare you … Double dare you!

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New I Pad

Apple is just finishing announcing its new I Pad in San Francisco. New features include Siri, 5 mega pixel camera, HD 1080p video, faster graphics and real 4G LTE. Love the fact that you can dictate messages and it even … Continue reading

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