Who’s really to blame?

As deplorable as the shooting of 16 Afghans – including nine children – by a US soldier, it raises a bigger question of who really is to blame?

Much more will be revealed but can’t help but wonder whether this is just another terrible cost of sending young men to war repeatedly. This soldier had been to Iraq three times and was in his first deployment to Afghanistan. Who knows what he has seen? Again no excuse, but it should not come as a surprise that some of these young men crack.

Just recently in California one former Marine became a serial killer…hunting down homeless men. His lawyers say it was the result of deep mental problems from the battlefield.

A million Americans have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and I fear, much like Vietnam, an entire generation will be deeply traumatized.

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3 Responses to Who’s really to blame?

  1. Judy Edwards says:

    So sad. I agree with you Mike, what person would not crack under such horrible things every day. God knows what the next weeks will bring as certainly there will be a backlash

  2. Chris Coughlan says:

    Post traumatic stress has been around ever since men have gone to war. All soldiers are affected in some negative way by the killings involved in wars.Shellshock, returned soldiers refusing to talk of their experiences,suicides,domestic violence, violence of all sorts and we are shocked. What do you expect? War is horrific and should be banned.

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