Sad story

In Seattle covering one of the saddest stories I’ve heard for a long time.

US sailor pled guilty to negligent homicide for killing 60 year old Queensland cyclist Narelle Dobinson.

It was Petty Officer James Linabury’s first time behind the wheel in Australia when he struck and killed the popular grandmother of nine.

He went through a give way sign and simply didn’t see her.

Barely a dry eye (including my own) in the court martial outside Seattle as her sons shared the pain of their enormous loss and then as Linabury wept while apologizing to the family.

The 25 year old father of two was sentenced to 28 days in a navy brig.

A reminder for all how one simple mistake can be so costly to so many!

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2 Responses to Sad story

  1. judy edwards says:

    Our actions always affect others…so sad that we do not think more before we act.

  2. kelly says:

    This has been truely a sad time for all. Both familys have had a lot of heart ache. Our prayers go out to all.

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