How one silly mistake can change lives

In Hawaii covering the tragic death of 16 year old Kristen Fonseca – killed when she was struck by a jet ski ridden by Aussie tourist Tyson Dagley.

The 20 year old was looking to shore where his girlfriend was taking pictures and didn’t see Kristen had stopped her jet ski in front of him.

Silly mistake – grave consequences.

Tyson is in jail awaiting trial for third degree negligent homicide.

By all accounts he’s a great young man, a hardworking carpet cleaner who had saved for years for his big adventure. Now he’s accused of killing a teenager.

No matter what happens, there’s no punishment greater than the guilt he’ll have to live with forever.

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One Response to How one silly mistake can change lives

  1. Judy Edwards says:

    Such a sad story..It seems that the people that really do deserve to be punished for the horrible things they do get away with it and the ones that just make a mistake do not.

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