Local sentiment

Just had to switch off local radio station where talk back was flooded with residents saying there shouldn’t be gun control! Tempted to call in but didn’t want to cause an international incident!

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4 Responses to Local sentiment

  1. Judy Edwards says:

    Probably a smart idea Mike..again I think this issue is more about proper training and control of adults that insist on having guns in a home where children young, old, or having mental problems do not keep the guns under lock and key and do not use common sense….But why do these people think that sensible gun control is not the way to go.

    • MIKE AMOR says:

      I can’t see a day when all guns are completely banned here but semi-automatic assault rifles should be. Simply no need.

      • John @ Johnsworld says:

        You must be sickened by all this , the number of mass shootings you have been too. Even just this year. Love the balanced reporting you bring to us in Sydney

      • MIKE AMOR says:

        Thanks John. This one is especially tough. I try to remain neutral but it’s tough when you see the aftermath repeated over and over.

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