American Stories

Trump’s wall.

The Inauguration of President Donald Trump.

U.S. election coverage.

Award winning investigation: In Cold Blood – the Christopher Lane story.

San Bernardino terrorist attack.

Winner of 2016 Southern Californian Journalism Awards for foreign news reporting. Judge’s comment: “In comprehensive coverage of the breaking news of the San Bernardino killings, Mike Amor and others distinguished themselves with excellent, well-sourced reporting of the tragedy, including the discussion of America’s tolerance for deadly guns in contrast to Australia’s tough restrictions.”

Charleston church massacre.

What happened to California’s Salton Sea? From celebrity favorite to potential ecological disaster.

Winner of 2016 Edward R Murrow Regional Award for use of video and Southern Californian Journalism Award for environmental and lifestyle reporting. Judge’s comment: “The rise and fall of California’s largest body of water, the Salton Sea, is told well by Amor and Hage with historical photos, interviews with Salton Sea experts, and terrific photography, effectively portraying the Sea’s environmental impact on the region and its future if allowed to dry up.”

Mike sits down with the cast of the new Star Wars.

Harrowing story of an Australian tourist locked up for being drunk before Hurricane Katrina.

Looking back at Hurricane Katrina a decade later.

A new gun fighting program that teaches people how to defend themselves how during breakins.

A two-part series on the Apache holy site in Arizona under threat by a new mine.

Winner of 2016 Southern Californian Journalism Award for news feature. Judge’s comment: “Compelling and beautifully shot. Mike Amor did a great job telling both sides of a difficult story that pits progress against the past.”

Recruitment offer from Lebron James.

The last free place in America to live.

Anger towards police among African Americans.

Go inside the San Andreas fault.

Skid Row in Los Angeles.

Prison rodeo in Louisiana. Winner of 2015 Southern Californian Journalism award for International Features. “Excellent story that reveals the unexpected. Interviews are strong. The story
is allowed to tell itself, although the use of POV shots really adds to the package.
Overall, just kept me interested from the start,” said judges.

Meet an Oregon man who’s plane crazy!

The death of comedian Robin Williams. Coverage was winner of the 2015 National Arts and Entertainment Awards for breaking news. “Amor and (cameraman) Arron Hage’s multiple reports on the death and life of
Robin Williams are fine examples of solid news coverage of a tragic event, combining a touching respect for the work of the comedian and actor while reporting the hard facts of his struggles and suicide,” judges said.

A tour of the most expensive home to go on sale in the US.

Sweet story of a deaf Aussie dog adopted by American couple.

Devastating tornadoes strike the south.

Awkward family photo museum.

The Havasupai tribe trying to save their way of life on the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Winner of the 2015 Southern Californian Journalism Award for Feature Reporting. “Fascinating, well told story and tremendous use of photography,” judges said.

Watching the big wave surfers compete at Mavericks.

Flying high at the spectacular balloon fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Live from waters off Cuba following Australian Chloe McCardel trying to swim 170kms to Florida.

The devastating tornado that destroyed Moore, Oklahoma.

The 2012 Inauguration of Barack Obama.

Live coverage of 2012 elections.

Covering Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of space.

The Democratic convention.

The Redneck Resort in Tennessee.

The heartbreaking story of the Aussie tourist who accidentally killed a 16 year old gilr with a jet ski.

The horror of the cinema shooting in Colorado.

One hundred years since the sinking of Titanic.

Amazing new technology headed for Australia that keeps donor hearts ticking.

The glamor of the 2012 Oscars redcarpet.

Aussies play Rambo for a day at a Las Vegas shooting gallery.

The 2012 Presidential campaign officially starts with the Iowa Caucus.

The tragic death of Whitney Houston.

Mike Amor covers the 10th anniversary of September 11.

Mike Amor speaks to the new victims of the September 11 attacks.

Mike Amor talks to New York firefighters on the 10th Anniversary of September 11

Mike Amor speaks to a September 11 widow

Mike Amor reports on NASA’s final shuttle mission

Mike Amor reports on Barack Obama winning the 2008 US Presidential Election

Mike Amor reports on Obama voters

2 Responses to American Stories

  1. Nelson Aspen says:

    Mike Amor…to me he’s the Aussie Clark Kent. I know there’s a red “S” underneath that starched shirt and nattily knotted necktie.

  2. Judy Edwards says:

    Thanks Mike for posting the latest American stories. And congratulations on you new nominations for another Edward R Murrow award.

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