Funeral of Fidel Castro.

Meet the bravest man in Mexico.

Winner of the 2017 Southern Californian Press Club Personality Profile award. “In this riveting profile of former police chief and Tijuana mayoral candidate Julian Leyzaola, who survived eight assassination attempts and is now confined to a wheelchair, the Australian news team shows the difficulties faced by a reformer fighting the drug cartels and police corruption,” judges said. 

President Obama’s historic Cuba visit.

The Zika virus in Brazil.

Winner of the 2017 Southern California Journalism Award for International News. “Mike’s heart tugging tale of how babies have been deformed by the Zika Virus and the impact on theirs mothers and neighbors took a global health crisis and made it easy for the viewer to grasp,” judges said.

Paris terror attacks.

Chloe McCardel’s 42 hour record breaking swim in the Bahamas.

World Cup begins in Brazil.

A shoot out in a Rio favela.

The dangers for World Cup visitors in Brazil.

Socceroos arrive for World Cup in Brazil.

Why is Brazil so amazing at football?

Allegations of World Cup corruption.

Re-visiting the plummeting colony of Monarch butterflies in Mexico.

Hunting brutal drug cartel members in Mexico.

The favelas of Rio.

The birth of Prince George.

The death of long serving British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Meet Aussie priest Father Kevin Mullins braving the drug war in the slums of Juarez, Mexico.

Mike Amor live on Sunrise from Norway for mass shooting.

Mike Amor reports from the frontline in Libya

Mike covers the Gaza crisis 2008.

Mike visits Pandas in China which survived earthquake in 2008

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